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Top 10 Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Responsive

If you have heard or read about responsive websites, but don’t believe that your site needs to be updated in this manner, you may be missing. There are a strong number of reasons why a responsive website is vital for growing your business and the following 10 reasons are all big factors in why should be looking to switch to a responsive website.

This is not just a fad

It can be easy to dismiss any new development with respect to websites as being a fad that will not have lasting presence, but this is not the case with responsive websites. Responsive websites are providing businesses with a number of benefits and advantages in the present day, and they look to set to provide a positive platform for years to come.

It improves the experience for the users

Your business should always focus on providing a positive experience for your users and this is what a responsive website provides. If a website is difficult to navigate, users cannot find what they are looking for, or the site doesn’t upload, users will log off and visit a competitor’s website.  Having a responsive site will decrease this from happening.

Your site will load faster

Research indicates that responsive websites load faster, which is crucial in retaining users. A slow loading website is one of the biggest factors that cause users to log off and visit another site, which means you lose potential customers before you have a chance to impress them. A responsive website ensures that your guests receive a warm, and fast, welcome.

It will boost your SEO

Getting people on to your site is vital, which means that search engine optimisation (SEO) is crucial. Having a website that has been created with a responsive approach ensures that search engines can “crawl” through your site more effectively, allowing the search engine to rank your site accordingly.

Google approves of responsive web design

If you want to be found, you need to appeal to Google and Google is on the record in saying that they approve of responsible websites. When your site has one URL and the same HTML, crawling the site becomes simpler for Google, so if you want to be presented to users of the biggest search engine in the world, choose the website design option that Google approves of.

Stay future proof

When you opt for a responsive web design, your site is guaranteed to be suitable for all the adjustments and alterations that smartphone and tablet device manufacturers are liable to make. Knowing that your site is ready to deal with whatever technological changes occur in the future is a great comfort for all business.

Mobile usage is on the rise

There is no denying that mobile usage is on the rise, and this won’t be changing anytime soon. With more and more internet users accessing the web from their smartphone and mobile devices, it makes sense to present your site in a way that appeals to these users.

It isn’t that much more expensive

Many businesses are wary about implementing new practises due to the costs involved. Implementing a responsive website isn’t an expensive option, especially not compared to the cost of having a standard website designed and implemented.

It is simple to manage

As a responsive website only has one code base, as opposed to having a number of different websites to control, it is a much simpler process. Whether your business takes control of your site, or your hire someone, having one eCommerce or CMS platform to manage makes the entire process a whole lot simpler.

You get value for money

Perhaps the most important thing for businesses is that investing in this style of website will more than pay for itself. Ensuring that customers receive a good standard of service while improving your rankings with respect to search engines are vital steps for all online businesses. Knowing that the system is easier to manage and maintain will ensure that all businesses develop value from implementing responsive website design.