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Magento E-commerce Web Development

When it comes to making sales, building an audience and being recognised as a major company in your industry, your website says a lot. It is your portal to the world, your calling card and if your website isn’t attractive or appealing, you are unlikely to achieve success. This doesn’t only refer to the look of your site, although that is important. It refers to the ease of use of your site, the options provided by your site and whether there is a cohesive feel and identity to your site.

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This is where choosing the right infrastructure is crucial but all too often, businesses don’t focus on this. There are plenty of options to choose from in developing an ecommerce site but if you choose the wrong option, you can be lagging behind or spending too much time and money to stay in touch.

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Magento e-commerce web development is the solution for you

If you are running a commercial site, there are a number of features you need to have and if you don’t, you won’t be able to do business or people won’t take your business seriously. The key features you need are:

Payment options

The ability to ship goods

The ability to analyse sales

The ability to provide good customer service

The ability to scale the website up or down depending on your business needs

The ability to have good quality SEO so your site can be found

All of these elements are crucial, so it is important to have them all. You may think that having all of these different elements will be expensive and cumbersome, and that used to be the case. However, Magento is the perfect solution for your ecommerce business because it provides all of these elements in a convenient and easy to use manner. This is why more and more people are switching to Magento for their website and this is why businesses are keen to work with Magento ecommerce web developers.

One of the best things about the internet is that you can connect with professionals all over the world. There are different reasons for choosing a particular web developer. Some people look for cost, some look for experience, some look for a web developer in a local market. It stands to reason that there are plenty of reasons for choosing a developer close to where you are on who are located in a market you want to reach out to.

With this in mind, if you are looking for the most relevant web developers, Magento e-commerce web developers in London provide the perfect solution.

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If you are based in or close to London, you are dealing with local professionals. This may make it easier to meet up, exchange ideas and get your company brand, image and identity across to them. If you are looking to sell to a UK or London market, working with developers who are in that market gives you a head start in getting your point across.

The internet has played an amazing role in making the world seem a smaller place and in bringing people together but there is still time when a local touch can make a massive difference. If you are keen to find the right Magento e-commerce web developers for your project, London based developers can provide that added impetus and knowledge that boosts your site.

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Magento e-commerce web development is the solution for you


Magento options start from a free community version and rise upwards. If your business grows, and there is a good chance it will if your website is Magento based, you have the confidence of knowing your site can grow naturally with it.


You want as many customers as possible, so make it easier for people to pay without compromising on security. Magento provides integration with payment gateway providers like Moneybookers, PayPal, Google Checkout, ePay, Sage Pay, Pay Point, 2CO and Barclays ePDQ.


Firstly, if you charge for shipping, you need to provide clear and concise information and prices to customers. Magento allows this as it integrates with firms like UPS, FedEx and DHL. It offers versatility in shipping to multiple addresses, it provides tracking options, it provides a flat rate shipping functionality and there are even free shipping options.


It is not enough just to make sales, you need to have sales reports, tax reports and you want to see if people are placing items in their shopping cart and then abandoning their sale. Magento can do all this while integrating with Google for website traffic analytics.

Customer Services

You can provide a better service with personal accounts for customers, emails that have been customised, order tracking and even customised order options.


Magento helps you build the structure and points you in the right direction to ensure you include all of the search engine friendly elements that boost your SEO rankings.

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