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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website?

If you are thinking of starting up a new business or planing to expand your existing business online, the first question which would come to your mind is, How much does it cost to build a website?
Well, Whether it can be a small business website or E-commerce website with hundreds of products, the cost is depend on the web designer / web developer you are going to hire.
There are plenty of web design companies out there in London and thousands of freelance web designers & web developers available on Internet to hire… But It’s very important to choose the correct one.
Generally a small professional portfolio website with nice galley and few pages with content management functionality (cms) might cost from £400 to £3000 and a small business e-commerce website with up to hundred products might cost from £600 to £5000. Meantime hourly rate for web development related services vary from £10 to £100 per hour. It’s all depends on which freelance web designer or web design company you are going to select.

Cheap is Expensive

As we all know, when things are offered cheap always there will be hidden or unexpected costs come with it. In this web industry there are many stories about unfinished projects and unstable/malfunctioning systems. So It’s always recommended to get quotes from few different website designers and check their previous client’s projects before hiring one service provider.
The good news is all the web designers will offer a free quote for your requirements and most of them will be happy to give a free consultation on your needs and help you to identify the industry. So as a first step select few web design companies / freelance web designers in London or your local area and send your project details for a quote.
Good Luck!

  1. yep, we get what we are paying for! its hard to find good developer and there are lot of freelancers for cheap price, who often disappear!
    Your portfolio looks good!

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