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Freelance Web Designer

With over 12 years of experience...

Hi there! I’m a Freelance E-commerce website developer, PHP Programmer, Network Security Professional and a simple human being 🙂

I live in London, have a great passion for technology and I like troubleshooting. (And breakin’ simple rules which will harm None)
As a Teenager I always had interests in Computer Systems & Internet, So I left my Electronic Engineering studies at University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka and joined British Computer Society (BCS) in the beginning of 2007 with an aim to complete PGD (Professional Graduate Diploma) in IT through BCS Examinations.

Being an IT student I found that the best and easy way to learn Website Designing & Web Development is Self Learning. So with the help of, Lynda Video Tutorials, Computer Today Magazine and many other online tutorial websites, I educated myself about Web Creation Tips & Tricks.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Like the saying, Practice Makes Perfect!

I started to design and develop simple websites just for practice. These my example projects opened the gateway to become a Freelance Subcontract Web developer for an US based web design company. After successfully completing my undergraduate, I moved to London for my postgraduate degree.

In 2010 September I was graduated in MSc in Network and Computer Systems Security by University of Greenwich, UK. As an IT Security student I always give enough importance for the security of the websites and web application I develop. To be competitive in the current web design industry I also use latest web technologies and trends such as HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Design, Web Fonts,etc… in my projects.

After my academic studies I decided to improve my practical skills with proper training and career developments within a team, therefore I joined Active Webdezign Ltd as a Web developer in February 2012. Since then my life as Freelance Web Developer changed as a Voluntary supervisor for our oversea business in Sri Lanka, Sri Websoft.

So follow up me on my web design blog, where I will exchange my ideas…

Wishing you a Great Day!