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Download New Google+ Logos for Free

As we all know Google has changed its Branding recently, you may need to update your Google Plus, Google Search Icons to new versions of the Google Logos. Download the New Google Logos below.
Here is the key note on Google’s guideline:

Google+ icon branding guidelines

We prefer that you do not change or remake the icon in any way. But, if you display multiple third-party social icons together on your app, you can customize the Google+ icon to match your app’s style provided that all buttons are customized using a similar style. i.e. Same color and visual treatment and same shape and size.
You can download Google+ icon in various sizes. The red color of the Google+ icon is #dd4b39
Use of Google brands in ways not covered by this document is not allowed without prior written consent from Google (see the Getting permission to use Google’s brand features for more information).