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Freelance Magento E-commerce Developer in London

Hi I’m Nihal Mohideen, An Experienced Freelance Magento E-commerce Developer , Web App Developer, WordPress Website Designer, Freelance IT Consultant, Network Security Professional and a simple human being.

I live in London, have a great passion for technology and I like solving problems… 

Over 12 Years of Experience in Commercial Web Development!

Magento Ecommerce Development

Magento 1 & Magento 2 Commerce Development

Magento is the world’s leading open-source e-commerce platform, it’s most flexible, user friendly, robust, secure & free! 

Magento Open souce is the most favourite e-commerce platform for developers and small businesses. I use Magento e-commerce to deliver all the features my clients need to build and grow a unique online store from the ground up.

I have been working with Magento ecommerce since 2007!

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Wordpress Website Design

World’s Best CMS made more User Friendly

WordPress is the world’s most powerful and widely used content management system today. I have been providing WordPress website design services for over 12 years and designed from simple one page website to big corporate business websites & WordPress (WooCommerce) powered Ecommerce websites.

It is one of my passions to build custom use friendly admin interface for WordPress to manage content more easier for website owners. Also utilising the power of WordPress CMS in the right technique to build any kind of websites which can be easily managed, secure and expandable. 

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Progressive Web Apps Development

The Future of Websites & Ecommerce Stores

With the increased usage of mobile devices, the web design and web development industry going towards with Progression Web App Development methodology. Combining traditional web based application back-ends with dynamic and interactive front end built with progressive web app development techniques.  This will reduce the need of native mobile app developments.

There are various benefits in Progressive web app approach in eCommerce development.

  • Fastest loading time achieved, loads the first folds of content immediate and the rest of the content loads on user interaction.
  • Offline Availability.
  • Ability to use Native Mobile Device’s features, such as notifications, authentication, enhanced user interaction, etc…
  • Full Controls on updates / upgrades of the app.
  • Increased connectivity.

and many more…

IT Consultancy

Make the Right Decisions to Save on Maintenance

Making the right decision on how and what is the best way to go online with your business activities is crucial. Using the right technologies from planning, development and implementation will save huge amount of your time and cost in continues maintenance of IT systems.

I am here to help you with best consultation on Web and IT Security related problems of your organisation. In most cases the benefits of best IT system is hidden, so business owners are reluctant to put some investment on this departments, In the mean time the cost and the damage a bad system can make to your business is unpredictable.

Think of this, “What is the point in spending huge amount of money on marketing & staffing, when your eCommerce store is loading slow or vulnerable to attacks or not able to checkout easily or goes down often?”

Feel free to give me a call and discuss, I love solving problems…

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